February 22, 2003

Thank you, Lilbitz!

In November, 2001, I just happened to surf into a game site called Dorcino. The first thing I saw was BINGO! I registered at the site and found that not only was this a bingo hall, there was a chat room, also. I met many wonderful people there and soon found that I was doing more chatting than playing. That's when a lightbulb started blinking in my little pea-brain.
I had been involved in several discussion groups in the past and had really made a lot of friends there, so why not start our own discussion group. Well, on February 22, 2002, I did and the rest--as they say--is history.

That was one year ago. Wow! how time flies when you're having fun! During this year, we have gained so many new friends....YES! and from the same bingo hall at Dorcino. We're still growing, too. A few of us have met in 'real life' person. Oh, what a joy to be able to give that online friend a real-life hug. Hopefully, one of these days we will all get to meet in person, and if not--I still feel that I have met some of the most wondeful, loving, caring people in the world. You will always be very dear to me, because you see, even though we haven't met face to face--our hearts have touched...and it doesen't get any better than that!

My First Anniversary gift to you is a website. I hope that we can all become a little closer through these pages. They are for you....they are about you. Enjoy! ... And HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY TO THE G_54 GROUP!
--Motty xoxo


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